The ISC International Journal of Information Security

ISSN: 2008-3076 (Online Edition)
        2008-2045 (Paper Edition)

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ISeCure journal received the Scientific Research (Elmi-Pajooheshi) certificate from the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology
ISeCure is now indexed in (Islamic World Science Citation Database) ISC

ISeCure Vol. 5, No. 1 (January 2013) is published online:
Editorial (Rasool Jalili) [pdf]
A Survey on Digital Data Hiding Schemes: Principals, Algorithms, and Applications (Mohammad Ali Akhaee and Farokh Marvasti) [pdf]
Design and Formal Verification of DZMBE+ (Mahdi Soodkhah Mohammadi and Abbas Ghaemi Bafghi) [pdf]
Provably Secure and Efficient Identity-Based Key Agreement Protocol for Independent PKGs Using ECC (Mohammad Sabzinejad Farash and Mahmoud Ahmadian Attari) [pdf]
DyVSoR: Dynamic Malware Detection Based on Extracting Patterns fromValue Sets of Registers (Mahboobe Ghiasi, Ashkan Sami, and Zahra Salehi) [pdf]
Robust Multiplicative Video Watermarking Using Statistical Modeling (Abolfazl Diyanat, Mohammad Ali Akhaee, and Shahrokh Ghaemmaghami) [pdf]
Image Encryption Based on Chaotic Tent Map in Time and Frequency Domains (Elham Hassani and Mohammad Eshghi) [pdf]

ISeCure, The ISC International Journal of Information Security is a scholarly, scientific journal. It focuses on various aspects of information security research and development to report both in-depth research and application-oriented works. The journal is currently planned to be published biannually, and its first issue is scheduled for publication in January 2009.

ISeCure is being distributed to engineers, mathematicians, computer scientists and others in education, industry and government. So the intended audience includes any person whose interests in communications, commerce, banking, or other areas of endeavor are affected by ISeCure. This journal provides a vehicle to help professionals, academics, and researchers working in the fields of computer security, to disseminate information and to learn from each other's work.

Dr. Rasool Jalili
Department of Computer Engineering
Sharif University of Technology
No. 9, Sadeghi St., Azadi Ave., Tehran, Iran
E-mail: jalili[AT]sharif[DOT]edu

Topics suitable for ISeCure include but are not limited to:
Foundations of Cryptology
Cryptographic Algorithms
Security Protocols
Identification and Authentication
Access Control and Trust Management
Operating System Security
Database Security
Auditing and Intrusion Detection
Network Security
E-Business Security
Formal Methods in Information Security
Privacy and Anonymity
Security in New Computational Environments (Grid, Pervasive, ...)
Privacy and Anonymity
Vulnerabilities (Modeling, Analysis, ...)
Secure Software Engineering / Software Security
Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems
Information Hiding (Steganography, Watermarking, ...)
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